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Database of Mosaicists


Database of Mosaicists

The Database of contemporary Mosaicists is one of the main objectives developed by the International Mosaic Documentation Centre. In fact, to date, there has been no tool for identifying or consulting information regarding contemporary mosaicists and their artistic activity.

This tool, used for collecting and returning information, in association with the most innovative computerized instrumentation, allows you to find an artist that you wish to contact. In fact, by consulting the on-line database, it is possible to obtain information regarding an artist's story and the stimuli and inspiration characterizing the artist's work. You can also see his works, thanks to a system of data sheets in which the images referred to are also displayed next to the technical information.  Moreover, at the International Mosaic Documentation Centre, by consulting the database from one of the computer workstations inside the catalogues room, you can obtain more in-depth and complete information about the same mosaicists.

The purpose of the database is, therefore, that of promoting mosaics and contemporary mosaicists all over the world and creating a means of consultation that makes the search for information on individual mosaicists easy and stimulating.
For this reason, information is constantly updated and is organized by the International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists, which has drawn up an agreement with the Art Museum of Ravenna. This makes it possible to ensure that the user will always have access to recent information and can also stay up-to-date with the evolving artistic activity of the mosaicists. The involvement of the artist in compiling the data sheets that are later entered into the database has proven to be essential.



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