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Premio Internazionale GAeM - Giovani Artisti e Mosaico

Quarta Edizione


The  Art Museum  of the  City  of Ravenna  announces  the  Fourth  Edition  of the  International  Prize GAeM - Young Artists and Mosaic. The prize aims at promoting the contemporary  mosaic, both in its expressions linked to the historical tradition, and in the most innovative and experimental aspects. The  prize,  projected  by  the  Art  Museum  of  the  City  of  Ravenna  -  International  Centre  for  the Documentation  of  Mosaic  (MAR-CIDM)  is  sponsored  by  the  Ravenna  Province  and  the  Region Emilia Romagna. The competition will award, mosaic materials, prize money and an artist residence, the mounting of an important collective exhibition organized by the Art Museum of the City of Ravenna and the publication in an art-catalogue of the selected artworks. After the closing of the exhibition in Ravenna, it will be moved to Villa Paris, at Roseto degli Abruzzi, exhibition venuo of the firm Cingoli Consolidamento e Restauro, among the supporters of the event. The International  Prize  GAeM  - Young  Artists  and  Mosaic  is a free  subject  competition,  but the artists are asked to develop a research which is consistent with the constitutive, formal and poetic principles of the mosaic language.