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PUPPETS 4.0 Museo senza mura

Festival Internazionale dei Burattini e delle Figure | Arrivano dal Mare

Museo senza mura

Project management and conception Annette Dabs and Mareike Gaubitz

Development and programming DIGIFACTURA, Alexander Philippi and team

Sound design Loop Post-production, Maximilian Rodegra

Speakers Steffen Reuber, Roy Kift

In 1948, Fritz Wortelmann, a man from Bochum, began to build up an extensive collection of items on puppet theatre. Today, over 70 years later, the collection named after him can be experienced in the most extraordinary way. With VR glasses, visitors can immerse themselves in a virtual world where they can move around independently. In five rooms they travel through the international history of puppet theatre from a night market in Asia to an ancient marketplace. Accompanying them at all times is a puppet replica of Fritz Wortelmann, who guides visitors through the exhibition, explains the exhibits and provides background information - including information on research into puppetry arts. The exhibition is suitable for people from the age of 12. Every visitor can decide for him/herself how deeply they want to go into any theme.