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Chuck Close

A leading figure in contemporary art since the early 1970s, Chuck Close is internationally renowned for his monumentally scaled portrait paintings, based on photographs. Close likes to push the boundaries of different techniques, processes and materials, working with various collaborators to achieve his vision. His first public artwork, Subway Portraits, featured a series of 12 mosaic and tile artworks, was commissioned by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts & Design program in 2017. 

The MAR mosaic exhibition curated by Daniele Torcellini presents Chuck Close’s new series of mosaic artworks as well as related works, such as prints, tapestries and photographs. The exhibit will also document the production process of these works by fabricators Mosaika Art and Design and Magnolia Editions, as well as the 12 works they produced for the 86th St. Subway Station at Second Avenue in New York City.


Chuck Close, Lucas/Mosaic, 2019, glass smalti and ceramic combination
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