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Il Bel Paese

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22 February 2015 - 14 June 2015

Il Bel Paese

Italy from the Risorgimento to the Great War, from the Macchiaioli to the Futurists

Entrance : full € 9.00, reduced € 7.00, students € 4.00

Venue The Ravenna Art Museum

Organisers: City of Ravenna – Cultural Affairs Commission, MAR Ravenna

Date: 22 February – 14 June 2015

Curator: Claudio Spadoni

Official Sponsor: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna


The Ravenna Art Museum is proud to present the traditional end-of-winter exhibition to be held from 22 February through 14 June, 2015, made possible thanks to the support offered by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna. This year the show will explore Italy and its great beauty during that crucial period between the Risorgimento and the First World War.

Il Bel Paese.Italy from the Risorgimento to the Great War, from the Macchiaioli to the Futurists as the title of the exhibit presages, the intent is to offer the public various thematic sections representing a wide variety of styles depicting the Italian landscape, as well as offering a glimpse into the society and culture in the period between the Unity of Italy and the country’s involvement in the First World War, the centenary of which will be commemorated in 2015.

The extraordinary fabric of the geography and history of Italy, which is made up of the intertwining and sedimentation of cultural relics where even nature bears witness to the passage of man, remained substantially unaltered until the country became modernized as it moved from a rural economy to an industrial one with new production processes.

The show will offer the public a number of extraordinarily beautiful paintings of the Italian landscape alongside glimpses of daily life in an effort to portray the various social conditions during this time of great changes – political, economic, cultural – as depicted by some of the greatest artists of the times. But it will also show the somewhat eccentric perspective offered by the foreign artists who came to our country to admire and paint its beauty. It’s a tale of different interpretations, sometimes with a marked regional slant, other times from a broader European point of view, covering a time period that goes from the Macchiaioli to the dawn of avant-garde Futurism.

The show is curated by Claudio Spadoni and opens with an expansive introductory section featuring some of the most famous works by Induno, Fattori, Lega and Guaccimanni, dedicated to the heroic deeds of the Risorgimento.

Various other chapters of this journey into the past up and down our peninsula follow, including a sequence of expressive models with paintings by the greatest artists of the time, men like Fontanesi, Caffi, Lega, Costa, Induno, Bianchi, Avondo, Palizzi, Previati, and Segantini: alpine peaks, lake scenes, the loveliest of shorelines and scenes of the most picturesque of the cities that made up the Grand Tour, places like Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples, all done in the various styles of the leading artists of the second half of the 1800s in Italy. The show also includes the work of such foreigners as Turner, Crane, Corot, Boudin and several others. 

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