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05 March 2023 - 16 April 2023

La cura attraverso l'arte

Opere dal patrimonio storico e artistico Ausl Romagna

Opening: 4th March at 5 pm

Organizer: Comune di Ravenna, Ausl Romagna, Mar-Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna, Acosi-Associazione culturale ospedali storici italiani

Entrance : free

Opening hours:
weekdays 15.30-19 / Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10.30-19. Closed every working Monday

Days of Closure: Monday

Location: Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste, Piazza j.F.Kennedy. 12 Ravenna

Hospitals were once "hospitable", structures intended for undifferentiated assistance, where the first medical techniques were mixed with the religion and beliefs of the time.
In those very different times, far from today's knowledge and multifunctional wards, hospitals were also places full of wonderful works of art.
On display will be presented some period elements and furnishings alongside twenty-five precious paintings made between the 15th and 20th centuries and with important artistic presences from our area such as:
Giambattista Bassi, Luigi Folli, Pietro Melandri and Maceo Casadei.
The initiative is promoted jointly by: Municipality of Ravenna, Ausl Romagna, Mar-Art Museum of the city of Ravenna, Acosi-Cultural association of Italian historical hospitals.
The exhibition is curated by Sonia Muzzarelli and Paolo Trioschi.

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