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Musiche fotografie dei Lelli e Masotti

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19 May 2017 - 30 July 2017

Musiche fotografie dei Lelli e Masotti

Ravenna Festival al MAR

Opening: May 19th

Organizer: Ravenna Festival e Comune di Ravenna Assessorato alla Cultura

Entrance : 1 €

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 9 am- 6 pm

Days of Closure: Monday

Location: MAR - City Art Museum



A snapshot captures the instant in a performance, freezing a gesture in an image that conveys its strength and meaning: Lelli and Masotti have always kept a careful eye on musical performance with their exemplary, intense shots. This personal and evocative B&W journey unwinds among the protagonists of different music genres from the Seventies onwards: Demetrio Stratos to Maurizio Pollini, Miles Davis to Arvo Part.

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