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11 November 2014 - 30 November 2014


exhibition for children

Organizer: Immaginante

Entrance : €5 on booking 366 1958439

Location: MAR - City Art Museum



Odorosa, an exhibition for children and parents alike consisting of interactive installations designed to stimulate learning through the pleasant sensations of smell.

The exhibition is made up of five installations (Smells like home, Clouds, Harmonic washingScented airs bottling machine, Maze) that enable visitors to enjoy the aromas and scents filling their nostrils, accompanied by animators and teachers.

This event aims at encouraging parents and teachers to reflect on the experience of teaching through the 5 senses and explore the relations between perceptions, emotions and knowledge in the era of technology.

Closing day: Monday
Opening Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9am - 1.30pm / 3pm - 6pm; Wednesday: 9am - 1.30pm; Saturday: 9am - 1.30pm (except Saturday, 8 November: 9am - 6pm); Sunday: 3pm - 6pm

Open Day Baby: Saturday, 15th November | from 10am


 contact us 366 1958439


representative  Arianna Sedioli



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