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VII Biennale di Mosaico Contemporaneo

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08 October 2022 - 27 November 2022

VII Biennale di Mosaico Contemporaneo

Opening: sabato 8 ottobre 2022

Organizer: Comune di Ravenna – Assessorato alla cultura, dal MAR – Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna e Istituzione Biblioteca Classense

Days of Closure: Monday

Location: Ravenna, everywhere

Biennial exhibition of contemporary mosaic

from 8th October to the 27th November 2022

Ravenna,  everywhere


From the 8th October to the 27th November 2022, artworks and artists from all around the world meet in Ravenna in occasion of the 6th edition of - Biennale del Mosaico di Ravenna (Biennial exhibition of contemporary mosaic).



Ravenna presents itself to the public as the capital city of mosaic, highlighting an artistic vocation focused on contemporary production, but always connected to ancient Byzantine traditions. From October 8th to November 27th, the city hosts the 7th edition of the Biennial of Contemporary Mosaic, promoted and organised by the Municipality of Ravenna and coordinated by Daniele Torcellini and MAR – Ravenna Art Museum.
Among the many events on the programme, worth mentioning are the exhibition Prodigy Kid by Francesco Cavaliere and Leonardo Pivi, curated by Daniele Torcellini and held at MAR – Ravenna Art Museum; the 17th International Congress on Mosaic: a sacred art among cultures and technologies organised by the International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists, taking place on October 10th and 11th also at MAR; and the exhibition Opere dal Mondo at Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste.

Monuments, museums, cloisters and symbolic places of the city will become exceptional galleries where ancient and contemporary art will be in constant dialogue through exhibitions, presentations, meetings and specific installations.



Hashtag: #Biennalemosaicoravenna

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