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? War is over

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06 October 2018 - 13 January 2019

? War is over

ARTE E CONFLITTI tra mito e contemporaneità

Opening: 6th October at 6 pm

Organizer: Comune di Ravenna - Assessorato alla Cultura, Mar Museo d'Arte della città, Arthemisia

Entrance : 10 € Full Price, 8 € discount

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Saturday: 9.00 am-6.00 pm
Sunday: 10.00 am-6.00 pm
closed on Monday
last admission one hour before closing time

Days of Closure: Monday

Location: MAR - Museo d'Arte della città


There is no peace without war and no war without peace. This seems the inevitable way to tackle the problem, but the exhibition War is over? Arte e conflitti tra mito e contemporaneità, on display from 6th October to 13th January at MAR – Ravenna Art Museum, will offer another point of view: the opposite of war is not peace, but dialogue, controlled conflict, dialectics.

The order of the exhibition proceeds by assonances, contrasts, harmonies and disharmonies, and it ascribes each work to a literary and philosophical context.

The hub of the exhibition is a group of “historical” artists who developed the conflict matters in different and opposite ways, from the war-futurist Italian propaganda by Marinetti to the work I Gladiatori (1922) by De Chirico, who reinterprets the violence of World War One through a  purified and eternal classical style. Picasso, with the artwork Jeus des pages, 1951, continues the reflection on the disasters of war already started in 1937 with Guernica. The two greatest Italian artists of the 20th century, Lucio Fontana and Alberto Burri, together with the resonant and indignant voice of Renato Gattuso, express with very different sensibilities the deep wound all the damage of the Second War  caused, firstly, in people's consciousness.

Another focus of great impact is “hand-to-hand” combat over the centuries: from the vase with battle scenes between the Greeks and the Trojans, the marble fragment with a Roman legionnaire, the painting Alabardiere by Rubens and the farewell of Ettore e Andromaca by De Chirico up to the postmodern warrior par excellence, Master Yoda of Star Wars. Other artists on display will be Christo, William Kentridge, Gilbert&George, Robert Capa, Robert Rauschenberg, Anselm Kiefer, Fabre, Andy Warhol, Mimmo Paladino, Marina Abramović, Michelangelo Pistoletto.

The ideas by the group of artists of Studio Azzurro acted as a glue, giving birth to an installation inspired to the tombstone of Guidarello, the symbol of the collections of MAR.

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