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From the 19th to the 21st century


The Art Gallery, whose collections range from the fourteenth century to the present day, is open to modernity in the recent new permanent exibition. From neoclassical landscape of Giambattista Bassi, the Tuscan purism Antonio Ciseri, up to the testimonies already symbolist Vittorio Guaccimanni, and gifted Domenico Baccarini. Central, in the contemporary collection, a female nude by Klimt. The late twentieth century is documented by a core area of informal work, followed by a few prominent names of the Roman Pop as Schifano and Tano Festa, to continue with the protagonists of the current abstract artist and analytical orientation, as Veronesi, Boetti, Dadamaino, Olivieri, Castellani, shoe adapter, up to Mondino and Cattelan

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